UV Rated

Our solar labels are all UV rated to high standards, do not risk your installers license on some cheaper imports it's not worth it .

We guarantee that our labels will last longer in the harsh Australian Environment.
X1 - Shutdown Procedure
X1 - PV Reflector Decal
X1 - PV Array D.C. Isolator
X1 - Inverter A.C. Isolator
X1 - Solar Supply Main Switch
X1 - Normal Sup. Main Switch
X1 - Warning Multiple D.C
X1 - Solar Array On Roof
X1 - Warning This Premise
X1 - Warning Hazards Voltage
X1 - Warning D.C Hazards V
X1 - Warning Dual Supply

12 Labels
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AS4777 & AS5033
Last Updated November 2012
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Tasmania Label Kit
Tasmania Label Kit

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Tasmanian: Solar Labels kit complies with Australian Standards & regulations. Kits are shipped complete as shown in separate packages. These kits are manufactured locally at our factory in Melbourne and we ship to any state or country.  Small orders are usually dispatched overnight larger orders within 5 workdays.
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All labels are laser or CNC machine engraved and have high strength self adhesive. They are also all made in Australia
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